Danger Nature!

I’m working on some new fashion illustrations which are sloooooow going. In the meantime, here are two old illustrations I dug up from a few years ago. The first is a micron ink drawing that I doodled one day; the second is a computer illustration I did last year as part of a series called, “Enchanted Forest.”


I just finished reading Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle and loved it. Dark, weird and fascinating, the story was crisply written and very evocative.

I couldn’t stop constantly flipping back to the amazing cover illustration by Thomas Ott and was inspired to do my own rendering of Merricat, as shown above. Poor, crazy Merricat — a grown woman forever trapped in the mind and life of a 12-year-old girl. And did I mention crazy?

A shout out to misprinted type for the lovely freeware typeface, Selfish, which I downloaded from dafont.com. Thanks, Eduardo! (Check out his gorgeous website!)

This is a post from a blog I started last year when I was home with my newborn daughter; not long after I wrote it, I decided that the blog’s focus didn’t really suit me and abandoned it to the graveyard of forsaken blogs. This was my favorite post so I’m reprinting it here.

I love to wrap gifts.

My husband can attest to this fact: Sometimes, I spend silly amounts of time finding just the right piece of wrap or ribbon to create a pretty little prize for the intended recipient.

Sometimes, I’m even more excited about the wrap than the gift itself. (Although if the wrap happens to be around a gift I’ve also made, then it’s a double-whammy of DIY excitement for me!)

And I rarely buy wrapping paper, instead preferring to reuse some of the more beautiful pieces I’ve received, as well as ephemera I’ve saved.

So, when I was considering the millions of brown paper grocery bags we’ve managed to accumulate — in spite of diligently bringing our own cloth bags when we shop — it seemed like a no-brainer to repurpose them into something a little more fun that might give them a second use before they hit the recycling pile. Like gift wrap!

I started by making paper bows, layering cut flowers of the brown paper and decorating some with ink. Next, I moved on to gift tags; a few forgotten mini potatoes that were languishing in our pantry and an inkpad later, and I had some simple little block prints to embellish them. I cut and folded some tiny gift cards, which I also stamped.

I was determined to reuse 100% of that bag. What to do with all the scraps of my cut-outs and punched holes? I soaked them in warm water overnight, found an old screen, and used the pulp to make one single sheet of 8-by-14-inch textured wrapping paper which I also embellished with my trusty potato.

I probably ended up throwing about 25% of the bag into the recycling pile — mostly bits and pieces that had industrial glue on them or ink blotted from my stamps. Not quite the full 100%, but close! Next time….

Top right photo: paper bow. Bottom left photo: top row of wrapping paper (top), gift tags (middle left), gift cards (middle right), more bows (bottom).

detail closeup

And now for the last section of my fashion school portfolio, in which I cover accessories: “In the Shop.”

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detail closeup

Here’s part four of my fashion school portfolio; this section is entitled, “At the Gallery.”

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detail closeup

Here’s part three of my fashion school portfolio; this section is entitled “In the Tea Room.”

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detail closeup

Here’s part two of my portfolio from fashion school. This section is entitled, “On the Street.”

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